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5 Online Casino Games That Will Tickle Your Fancy

Top 5 Online Casinos GamesSummary: There is a wealth of exciting casino games available for play. This list includes the top 5 most popular online casino games.

Bingo is a popular casino game that involves players trying to complete patterns on their card with randomly drawn numbers.  Most bingo cards feature a 5x5 card and each columns corresponds to the letters B, I, N, G and O.  The middle space is usually treated as a free space.  The first player to complete a pre-determined pattern (generally a straight line) yells ‘Bingo’.  The card is checked in order to verify it if is a winner and then the next round begins. 

Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is a game that is played by placing a wager on one of the 6 symbols on the table.  Next, the wheel, which is separated into 52 sections, is spun.  When the wheel stops, the pointer will indicate the winning number.  If players have bet on the number that is indicated by the pointer, they win. 

Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker is a poker variant that is played against the casino rather than other players.  Players attempt to make the best 2 card hand and the best 5 card hand.  The 5 card hand must be ranked higher than the 2 card hand.  These hands are then compared to the dealer’s hand.  If both hands are ranked higher than the dealer’s hand then the player wins. 


Craps is a dice casino online game and players can place a variety of bets as to what the outcome of each dice roll will be.  The Pass line bet means that players win on 11 and 7 but lost on 12, 2 and 2 while the Don’t Pass line is the opposite – this rule applies to the first roll.  If another number appears on the 1st role, then that number must be rolled again before 7 in order for players to win.  Other bets in craps include C&E, Big 6/8, Craps and Any Seven. 

Online Slot Machines

Slot machine games are one of the most popular casino games and offer a great variety of formats and themes.  Generally, players will insert money into the slot machine and either press a button or pull a lever to begin the game and make the reels spins.  Older slot machines generally only have 3 reels while newer machines have 5 or 3 reels.  In addition, many newer slots  are categorized as video slots which have simulated rather than mechanical wheels.  The payout of slot machines online pokies will depend on the winning symbols that appear once the reels stop. 

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Help With Writing Argumentative Essays

Help With Writing Argumentative Essays
You may feel passionately about a subject and wish to disagree with the general understanding and acceptance of things; however are your feelings enough to make you write an effective argumentative essay?

One thing is certain; there must be some planning and research involved before you get down to writing it.

Once you have made yourself sure about the topic that you will be writing about; present both sides. You must honestly present what your opinion is on the topic and what is the opinion of the others that you disagree with. Remember there can be positives and negatives of both the opinions so you need to state these as objectively as possible. This is the sign of a genuine argumentative essay. 

The word argument conjures up images of angry people disputing with each other. Now while this is true of to people who are face to face; you need to keep your calm and refrain from being overly dramatic in your essays and focus on facts. In order to present facts; you will need evidence and in order to get evidence you will need to do some research.

Once you are armed with facts the time has come to start your essay:

·        START with an introduction- this is a must. You must spend afew lines on the chosen topicand why it is of interest to you. You will need to give a few background information of the topic and then what you want o achieve with this essay.

·        CONTINUE with presenting both sides of the coin using proper facts. Describe in detail what the other side believes in and then you should go on to describe your side and present as many counter evidence and arguments as possible. You are free to take the essay to any length hat you wish in this part.

·      END with a summary of all that has been said. This part should clearly bring out how your opinion is the most sensible one and that of the other party has no relevance in the light of the evidence presented by you.

Tips to Write the Best argumentative Essay

·        It is important to be not emotional at all. The topic may be very close to your heart but then remember that you cannot impose your opinion on somebody. The other party has a right to their opinion as well. Hence you must show respect to the other party’s opinion and state how you differ.

·        It is important to cite the sources of your evidence presented in your essay to have the maximum effect.  When the reader sees the genuineness of your arguments he or she may perhaps be inclined towards your opinion.

·        Never make up false evidence. This is a highly unethical thing to do and if this fact were to be found out you may face negative consequences too.

·       If you feel strongly but youropinion then the other party also feels the same way about his or hers. Be prepared to have counterarguments ready for the strongest arguments put forward by the other party. Your teacher or examiner may put this to you.

Writing Argumentative Essays
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All That Glitters with Guess’ Silver Watch Collection

Guess Women's Heart-Shaped Silver-Tone Watch with Purple Beads
Guess symbolizes sensual looks and an adventurous lifestyle. The French based brand started by the Marciano Brothers mirrors the glamour and sophistication of Hollywood while essentially being deep rooted in European class. The passion, style and sensibility of Western Californian opulence is embodied in the brand’s watches and accessories. Today the GUESS brand has matured to be one of the principal and most booming fashion lifestyle brands in the world. Their collection includes an array of watches in five basic categories: Dress, Sport, Casual, Trend and the eternally classic Signature style. The vast degree of luxury in perfect timepieces is the main factor which has made Guess watches a household name the world over. The latest in these excellent timekeeping machines is the sensational addition to their sport collection, the Silver-plated model.

Comparing the Silver Sports and Dress Models

The Silver model is part of the Silver Sports collection and it is the latest addition to the brand’s already superior portfolio. The watch is plated with a layer of silver-tone finish on a bed of stainless and scratch-resistant steel. It is studded with beautifully cut sheer crystal rhinestones giving the watch a diamond-like appearance. The watch has a round dial with crystals encrusted all around the dial and a multi-functioning movement in digital and analogue gyrations with a stainless-steel chain link fastening belt. 

On the other hand, the Dress collection’s Classic Silver watch comes in a square dial with the crystals bordering all sides. It has a stainless-steel band with a silver-tone sunray finish and works in an analogue movement. This watch compares with the Silver Sports model in its polished silver tone and it has a slimmer metallic wrist band like the former as well.

Who’s wearing Guess watches?

Silver Tone WatchMany a time, Hollywood celebrities have been spotted flaunting their individuality with the Signature Guess watches on their wrists. On the sixth day of June, actress, celebrity and singer/songwriter Rihanna was spotted wearing the Guess timepiece Spectrum, along with a gorgeous Guess silver bangle at the summertime ball given in favour of a renowned charity fund. Also spotted wearing the spectrum was Cheryl Cole, another prominent Hollywood celebrity, on the same day. This shows the growing popularity of the Dress collection’s silver models that exceeds that of the Sports collection.

Many other high-flying celebrities in the music and movie-world have made Guess proud for exhibiting their products as part of their essential wardrobe collections. Characteristic in a gold-brushed casing, the whopping statement GUESS watch and silver GUESS bangle will be only two of the latest GUESS styles of the summer to be spotted on over thirty of the top Hollywood stars such as JLS, Usher, Jennifer Lopez, and singer/songwriter Justin Bieber. There is, however, no call for getting anxious over celebrities’ fashion dos. You can now visit your nearest designer store or a Guess store in your area and you can buy a spectacular GUESS watch among other accessories to emboss you in the same celebrity style.

Now Introducing

Ladies Silver Guess Watches
The latest summer fashions of 2012 were repeated in the launching of the Tiesto 2.0 watch. This is in collaboration with the legendary producer, DJ Tiesto and Guess Watches was proud in the prospect of launching the Second Edition of this watch in the summer of 2013. It comes in an electric blue colour with a spot-dress hybrid design.

Also coming out in fall 2013 it is the debut collection of Signature Guess watches, the Tri-Tone Collection. This is a collection of three watches in metallic shades of stunning silver, glamorous gold and the all-new rose gold style for both men and women. The display of these upcoming watches includes a booth allocated for their imminent release by the Swiss sister company who incorporate true European styles in their watches.

Author bio: Teresa Jens is a stay at home mom and a freelance writer. One of her favourite topics to write about is fashion trends. Watches are her favourite accessory and she has a slight obsession. She buys most of her Guess watches at Uretilalt’s website (in Danis Guess ure Uretilalt) since they are one of the leading watch providers in Denmark.

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Safe-Guarding tips for Travelling with Jewelry

Safe-Guarding tips for Travelling with Jewelry   Holidays are magical, they mesmerize us, hypnotize us and give us a fresh start to our everyday routine. 

But we occasionally forget the importance of safeguarding our precious jewels and other items and give a little liberty. Never forget that criminals target travelers specifically in many cases considering them as newbies to the city. If you have travel plans on your list and you are thinking of taking some of your masterpieces from your treasured jewelry collection then read on

Pack Correctly:

Do not stuff your precious jewels with the rest of your checked in luggage. Keep it in a secure place. Make sure to keep your precious items in a small handbag or pouch that you can always keep close to yourself. It should be too big or fancy to attract attention, but sober and safe enough to be along with you always.

Better Safe, than sorry!!

Do not think that once you reach your destination you are free to leave your precious ones in the hotel safely. This is because all hotels have regular housekeeping services for giving water, cleaning rooms etc. Though the hotel workers do not disgrace their hotel but you never know when a slight signal of temptation can steal away your diamond ring or ruby earrings. So keep your precious items in a suitcase when you are away, or if the hotels provide a safe better use it.

Be Unnoticeable:

The best way to safeguard your jewelry is to not letting people know that you have any. You definitely want to look your best but try not be over and blend with the crowd as much as you can. While travelling on lonely routes try to cover yourself with a scarf and do not stop much to look at the maps and stuff as it may give an easy catch for the ambushed thieves.

Be social but not too much

It’s a great idea to mingle around with the people and get to know about their culture and history. Nothing represents the culture and character better than the people, but if anyone tries to get friendly by going out of the way, do not hesitate to doubt their character.

Get Zipped!!

Travelling with Jewelry   If at all you need to remove your jewels while on way out of some emergency then it’s always better to keep buttoned or zippered pockets or pouches. It’s safe as there is no worry of any item falling out accidently and while moving in a crowd a zippered pocket will be the last choice of any pickpocketer.

Remember it’s all about the small things that will matter, because travelers are not careless, it’s just they tend to get distracted and are largely unaware about the city. While packing our luggage for a trip we all know the importance of keeping our passports, tickets and ESTA visas safely as losing them will be a great setback to the trip.So by keeping all these small tips in mind you can wear the precious jewelry along with your beautiful bohemian attitude and make the most of your holiday.

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Tips for Jewelry Care

Tips for Jewelry CareYou can never have enough jewels just like you how you can never have enough jewelry caring tips. In spite of what you believe, caring for jewelry is no rocket science. Each piece of jewelry will require a different way of handling depending on the type, colour and the kind of stones added to it.

So, how do you make your precious piece of jewelry last? How do you keep them from getting tarnished? Here is a set of guidelines that will help keep your jewels as close to new as possible for many years to come.

When not to wear jewelry

If you want to care for your jewelry, you must have a clear idea of when not to wear them. Wear your earrings after styling your hair. If you have coloured your hair, abstain from wearing pearl earrings or necklace. This is because the colouring agents contain chemicals that may blemish the sheen of pearls.

Diamonds, gems and other stonesmay crack or chip when banged against hard surfaces. Therefore, always remove your jewelry when you perform manual labours or play sports. Refrain from wearing bracelets while performing household tasks as it can break or bend, if the hook or link catches on to something.

Always wear your jewelry after you apply make-up, hairspray and perfume. Remove your jewels before you step in to pools or beaches. The salt and chemicals in the water can cause discoloration of stones and mar the luster of pearls. Even if you wear jewelry regularly, remove them before showering as the soap and salt in the water can settle over the ornaments making them dull and tainted.

How to clean jewelry

In case of gold or silver, use jewelry polish cloth to keep the ornaments clean and good looking. If you do not have a polish cloth, use a soft fabric. Never use tissue papers as they can cause scratch marks. It is safe to use warm water to clean any type of jewelry.

Gently wipe the jewelry after using them to remove make-up and skin oil residues. You must also refrain from cleaning fashion jewelry with water. After cleaning, dry the jewelry thoroughly before storing them.

The right way to store jewelry

It is sensible to store the ornaments in its original jewelry box. Sometimes, jewelries like silver and gold get tarnished even when stored in a box. To prevent discoloration, use anti-tarnish strips and clean the jewelry regularly, even when not in use.

Store the jewelry away from the sun and heat. Protect soft stone jewelry like opals, amber or turquoise by wrapping them separately in a tissue and store them away from heat. Silver jewelry should be stored away from damp as moisture can tarnish them.

Inspect jewelry regularly

Prevention is always better than cure. Inspect your jewelry before you wear them, especially if they have remained unused for a while.  Examine your jewels for wobbly gemstones, damaged edges or loose threads.

If you find a jewelry piece damaged or broken, send them for repair as quickly as possible. It is also prudent to inspect your jewelry before picking it up from the jewelry repair store. Never attempt to repair or fix jewels on your own, especially if it contains diamonds or gemstones.

Author Bio:

This Guest Post is contributed by Sindhu, a jewelry blogger who writes for GajGallery.com, an exclusive site for buying Diamond & Gold Jewellery Online. It offers authentic jewelry such as diamond & colour stone earrings, pendants, rings & bangles for women, men & children.

Enhance Your Style Quotient with the Latest Fashion Jewellery

Look Beautiful With Trendy Fashion JewelleryJewellery has always been a woman’s favorite item. The year 2013 has brought with it a unique trend of fashion jewellery and accessories. The latest fashion jewellery involves solid colors, shiny solid colors, stripes and animal prints metallic and bohemian looks. The accessories are bulky and oversized. 

This year, the particularly hot accessories consist of shiny shimmering metallic. You would look stylish and up to date by wearing some glimmering jewelry, a silver bangle bracelet and a gold necklace with a pendant. You can also team up your outfit with various kinds of headbands. This article discusses a few of the latest fashion jewellery items to make you look glamorous and beautiful.

·         Headbands:

Headbands come in diverse styles, designs, shapes, sizes and prices. They are suitable for almost every mood and occasion. Here are a few types of headbands:

Basic Headbands:

If you are new at using headbands and think that they would be too bold, go for basic headbands. They come in hues like brown, gray, black and white. They can be worn with any dress code.

Scarf Headbands:

To look more fashionable, go for scarf headbands. They give you an edgy and extra-girly look. You need to carry them with grace.

Embellished Headbands:

These care quite classy headbands. They have small diamonds, silver and gold buttons, gems or crystals glued together. They present you a breathtaking look.

·         Necklaces:

Pendants are one of the most stylish and adorning fashion elements. You can find them with cute pictures of cartoons like a “cowgirl” picture or with tattoo-styled words. Shell necklaces are one of the most popular ones that you can get in beachside stands.

·         Bracelets:

Bracelets are quite charming and often incorporate the pendant ideas. You can find bracelets with nautical images such as wheels, anchors and crossbones or skull. You can get silver-linked bracelets which are quite stylish.

·         Earrings:

Earrings are found in a variety of styles. They come in white, red, black or a combination of colors. Girls often wear earrings in the form of hibiscus flowers or cherry cluster which look very sweet. You may also go for nautical stars teamed up with your bracelet and necklace, either matching to them or not matching.

·         Bangle Bracelets:

Bangle bracelets are usually sphere shaped and are worn on wrist. They are also stacked up in the forearm. You can get bangle bracelets in a variety of types. Some of them are:

Wood Bangles:

These are made of soft and high quality wood. They come in different designs like stone studded ones, imprinted and stocky. Faceted and tribal styles are also quite common.

Stainless Steel Bangles:

They are highly preferred by women of different ages. These are cheap, long lasting and fashionable.

Sterling Silver Bangles:

These are preferred mostly by international buyers. They are usually found in stone crusting, engraving and modern designs. These bangles are usually given a glossy and matte finish.


These are the latest jewellery items that are certain to make you look fabulous. Showcase your style sense by wearing a few of this stuff in parties and other occasions.

Author’s Bio: Alex Mathew is a profound writer. He writes about different topics such as jewellery and fashion dresses. His writings are widely followed and read by various readers. He mainly contributes to the following website - cheaptees.org.

5 Tips To Match Jewelry With Clothes

What’s not to love about jewelry? They make you feel and look fantastic. However, you need to know how to select the right accessories in order to get the perfect look. There are a great many options to choose from but it is very important to know what types of jewelry matches each outfit and occasion. The following tips will enable you to choose the right accessories:

  1. If you wear a lot of neutrals then you should use lots of color to brighten up your look. You’ll find a whole lot of colorful jewelry made using precious and semi-precious stones. However, you should only go as bold with colors as you are comfortable with. Also, don’t use too many colors at the same time or else the overall look will be distracting.

  1. If your outfit has a busy print or a lot of embellishments then you should keep your accessories very simple. For instance, a thin necklace or small studs in your ears will be just if your outfit has a lot of sequins or embroidery.

  1. You can build a classic look with a few bits of jewelry. Pick up a pair of pearl studs as well as one of diamonds. Get matching lockets that you can wear on a thin chain. You can wear simple accessories with a little black dress or even a tailored shirt with a skirt or slacks.

  1. Whimsical accessories can help you give yourself a young and playful look. Chunky bracelets and unusual looking rings are perfect for a bright look. Candy colored accessories are just right for a lunch out with your friends. Just make sure that the colors do not clash with that of your outfit.

  1. An off the shoulder dress will be complimented best by a pair of chandelier earrings or a choker. Make sure that you do not wear both at the same time or else the look will be overdone. However, you could pair either of them with a gorgeous bracelet or cuff.
You do not need to buy a whole lot of jewellery in order to look good. Just make sure that you choose your pieces well so that you can use them in many different situations and with a variety of outfits. This will enable you to make the most of what you own; you will look absolutely fantastic as long as you know how to match your accessories to your outfits.

Author bio: The right jewellery could match your outfit just like a suitable oil painting could beautify your room. Get tips on how to match accessories with your clothes to have the best look.